What People Say

Miss. Brooke is outstanding!  As a researcher in Education and former elementary school teacher, I am continually impressed and amazed by the excitement and happiness that Ms. Brooke nurtures in her musical environment.  I started bring my daughter to her classes when she was four months old.  We listened to the CDs at home.  With her genuine love of music and her work with children, Ms. Brooke creates a warm, collaborative culture where she, the parents, and children sing, dance, and make Music Together®.

I have found Ms. Brooke’s classes to be developmentally appropriate and fun for kids and parents. The classes are a joyful place for children to explore their musical intelligence. When we are in class, my daughter is so happy and it’s been amazing to watch her grow musically through the months since we first started.There have been remarkable benefits for my baby, for me, and for our parent-baby relationship. I would recommend this class to any parent who wants a truly special experience for their child.

Lauren Shea

I have to tell you how wonderful and magical our experience was with Brooke and Music Together. My son Dylan and I have been going to class for a year and half. He is 2 1/2 and so musically inclined now, it is truly amazing. Music opens up the child to so much perception. We have taken a few teachers and Brooke Briggs is the absolute best to us. She is so tuned in to her class, to the parents and kids. It opened up such a musical part of ME as well. Singing, music play and theatrics has become a staple in our home. I truly cherish our time with Miss Brooke.

Heather and Dylan Grant-Minchen